You know when you go to an event or gathering and although you only knew a handful of people in the crowd you’re like “yes, these are my kinda people!”?  Well, that’s what it was like to arrive at the Cube cinema in Bristol for the Shextreme Film Festival!   

I’m stoked to give a huge shout out to the Shextreme Film Festival - a night of showcasing extreme sports film, made by women, featuring woman.  And also a big THANK YOU to Ruth Farrar for putting on such an inspiring night!

Among my faves was the heart-felt (and beautifully edited) Operation Moffat by Jen Randall, featuring 90 year old Gwen Moffat - Britain’s first female mountain guide and all-time legend - as she passes on her words of wisdom to Claire Carter, a self-confessed worrier.  Claire takes on theadvise from Gwen, and follow her footsteps (literally) up the UK’s rocky climbs, freezing wild lakes and stunning landscapes as she searches for her own answers on life and her place in it.  The film blew everyone away and I defy anyone to watch it and not fall in love with Gwen!

It was also awesome to see Board of Media’s short film on the equality of women in boardsports again, and to have super-chick Emma Shoesmith (BOM founder) on the discussion panel in the interval.  

The night ended with Into The Sea, by Marion Poizeau featuring Easkey Britten (Ireland’s big-wave rider).  The film follows Easkey as she travels to Iran to teach two women to surf and documents the experience the reaction of the locals who see surfing for the first time and catch on to the stoke of standing on moving water!  It didn’t end there however.  After their pivotal experience Marion and Easkey recognised “the power of surfing to transcend social, cultural and gender barriers” and soon Waves of Freedom, their non-profit organisation was born.  

Yoga for City Surfers is a sponsor of Shextreme Film Festival. 

Check out for more female-led adrenaline action!

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