As I came to my final morning in Bali I took out a longboard with some of now-not-so-new friends who, over the last 6 weeks, have been my hosts, my family, my sounding board and my inspiration.   Here are a few shots from my final morning in Balinese Sea...

Longboarding in Bali

I have been struck by the incredible sense and presence of spirituality in Bali.  From the daily rituals and devotion from the Balinese people to the abundance of devoted yogis and the island's creative, entrepreneurial, openminded, multi-national community.  Bali has given me a space to learn, rejuvenate, explore and play - both in and out of the water. 

I find longboarding gives me a different way of expressing myself.  I feel like I'm dancing again, which, as an ex-professional dancer, feels likes "home from home".   This wave (in Canggu) is particularly giving, and also the best place for a "party wave".  It's slow as anything, like it's handing you as much time as you need to explore and play while you trip, glide, fall and float towards the shore.

Headstand on a longboard in Bali

During my final surf session I took a moment to reflect on the last 6 weeks and to send out thanks to the people I've met in Bali and Lombok.  I stopped myself from being too sad about leaving because I'll know I'll be back.  Instead I'm taking with me everything I've learnt along, the people I've met and my rekindled drive and passion for life and what I do.

Sounds hippyish?  Well then hell, I'm a hippy.  My dad, if he reads this, will be rolling his eyes (but secretly proud! He is, after all, an artist who grew up in the seventies so he's only got himself to blame....).

(Next stop on the teaching tour - Banda Aceh!)