My originally training was a contemporary dancer at Northern School of Contemporary Dance (UK) after which I went on to work and perform around the UK and Austria.   Dance, for me was a way of expressing myself and challenging my body. Yoga, particularly Vinyasa Flow, was always an important part of my training and a great way to stay strong and flexible throughout my dance career.  However, it wasn't until I moved to London when I discovered what yoga could really do, and found that the more classes I did the more I was learning about how my mind works and how I relate to the world and people around me.   I often found myself leaving a yoga classes feeling high as a kite, positive and wanting more.  What had originally been just a physical workout soon began to effect me in so many other ways.  In 2013 I completed my yoga teacher training with Yoga London, which introduced me to the depth of yoga that has fascinated me and enriched my life in ways I hadn't anticipated!

My other passion is surfing which, originally, was something I'd done now and again whenever I was by the coast, but like yoga, the more I did the more I was hooked.  As I learnt more about yoga I began to notice how many similarities there are between the two and I began to tailor my own practice to help develop my surfing technique.  Over the years surfing has become increasingly important to me, and as my surfing progressed I learnt more about the ocean and my connection with it.   As a lot of surfers know,  once you're hooked, it'll change your life, and that's certainly true for me.  I now use my experience to help others use yoga to help develop their surfing technique, strength, flexibility and focus.

Yoga has allowed me to travel around the world to teach, surf and explore.  I love teaching beginners, as they begin their yoga journey (whether they realise they're on one or not), right up to advanced yogis who are continuing to explore what yoga can do for them.   My online videos allow you to travel with me, to get to know my style of yoga or to try out a different sequence. You can follow as you watch or add them to your own practice.  If you have any questions, or would just like to say hi then please do get in touch.