"Yoga in." PROJECT

The "Yogi in." project are short yoga sequences filmed in different location around the world.  They capture the unique beauty of each location, filmed by various film makers I meet on the way.

"Yoga in. Cotswolds, UK."  Filmed by John Bellars.

"Yoga in. Midigama, Sri Lanka."  Filmed by Markus Christ.


Thank you to the following talented photographers and individuals for the snaps:

Petra Pastircakova - www.petraimpression.com

Arnold Poschl - www.arnoldpoeschl.com

Soul and Surf - www.soulandsurf.com

Joe Coyne - www.joecoyne.tumblr.com



It's great to have fun and get creative with yoga!  View the latest video of me doing just that. 

Thank you to everyone who got creative with me!