First, let's think about what we put our bodies through when we surf.  

When we paddle we're constantly arching the back to lift the chest and use the arms to power us forward.  When we fall (it happens to all of us!) the limbs are pulled in all directions underwater.  And when we're (finally) surfing we're asking the body to make quick, controlled movements in a very short amount of time.  No wonder it's tiring! 

But yoga is here for you!  Yoga asanas - poses - activate many of the same muscles and areas that you need when you're surfing. Whether it's developing more strength in the upper body to paddle quicker and for longer, or improving your coordination and balance for advanced manoeuvres and tricks, you'll find the same muscles are being used during a yoga practice.  

// Be Good to your body //

By using the time you have out of the water to strengthen and develop these areas you'll find more fluidity, ease, strength, flexibility and control when you're back in the water. 

Be good to your body.  Remember, you're asking a lot from it, but yoga and surfing compliment each other perfectly, and through regular practice you'll see the effects yoga has on your body, mind and surfing.   And that's what I'm here to help you with!


Yoga isn't just a physical exercise.  Think of it as a moving meditation...  As you flow from one asana - pose - to another you allow the body and mind to connect (it has to, otherwise you'll fall over!) to better body awareness and helps focuses the mind on the present moment.  

With this better awareness of your own body you're then able to understand and apply new surfing techniques and to be able to apply them to the body quicker.

But it's doesn't stop there.   Yoga helps relieve stress, builds confidence, detoxes the body, helps the body find strength and allows the body to recover and repair.  But MOST importantly, think of yoga like a holiday for the mind...  When you're on your yoga mat you can tune into yourself again, learn and play,  "be" and "live in the moment" and leave with a smile on your face - just like surfing...


Are you a surfer living in the city?  Check out Yoga for City Surfers to find out about my yoga classes specifically tailored for city-bound surfers looking to keep their strength up in between surf trips.

For more details email me at lucyfosterperkins@yahoo.co.uk or visit my facebook page to see where I'm currently teaching. 

Yoga and surfing - twists for turns.

// How it began for me //

As a teenager I had my first surf lesson with my brother in Cornwall, UK.   Later, when I began my training as a dancer I started to take yoga classes.  I soon realised, after a few classes, I was experiencing the same single-minded focus during my yoga practice as I did in the sea. 

As I continued to practice yoga I found more connections to surfing.  My paddle power, agility and coordination on my surfboard improved and the more yoga I did the less my body ached after a long surf!  Like with surfing, I was hooked and I soon wanted to pass on what I found to other surfers like me. 

Yoga and Surfing - Balance and coordination


My yoga classes for surfers are tailored to help develop their surfing - whatever their level  

For beginners I focus on developing the surfing muscles and body co-ordination. For advanced surfers I target the finer details of specific surfing techniques.   This may be finding more mobility in their torso for bigger turns and snap-backs, or greater hip flexibility for a quicker pop-up and tucking deep into barrels. 

Check out the videos and give one of them a go to see for yourself!

// Yoga from afar //

Here's another short film I created in Sri Lanka . . .