// join me live ONLINE //

Over the years I’ve created online classes for surf magazines, website, yoga online subscription services and various YouTube channels.

You can try out some of the videos in the comfort of your own home by visiting my own YouTube video.

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// Practice at home, surf better in the ocean // 

Here are a few videos that I created specifically surf surfers.

Each class is themed to help surfers build the right strength and flexibility for when you're next on your surfboard.  Enjoy! 

Not a surfer??  These classes are just as beneficial to those who don't surf.  Check out the different themes to see how they might work for your body as well...

// 30 minute Vinyasa Flow created for surfdome //

Class theme; a fluid sequence that will help to release tension in the chest and shoulders.

Class theme; 30 minute core-busting sequence to create fire (tapas, in sanskrit) and strength in the body. 

Build the strength you need to paddle harder, for longer and with the right technique. 

This sequence is designed to challenge and improve your balance. 


// Yin for Surfers // 

I created this class to help you stretch out your paddling muscles after a surf, and to keep your shoulders subtle and tension-free in between surf sessions. 

This short, restorative Yin Yoga class stretches out the hips and inner thighs.


// 10 minute Series for SurfDome //

Class theme; upper body strength.

Class theme; lower back strength and flexibility. 

Class theme; freedom and strength in the hips. 

Class theme; challenge your balance!

Class theme; rotation and freedom on your torso. 

Class theme; core strength! 

// Other releases //

This 30 minute sequence is for any surfer who gets back pain when you're surfing, particularly in your lower back. 

Here's a quick 10 minute yoga class I did for Cooler Magazine, specifically to help surfing women building their surfing strength and flexibility.

This is the first sequence as part of EQ-Love' Flow of the Month series.