// How I look after your data //

To comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), this notice demonstrates how and where I keep any of you data that I may have;

If you and I have been in touch about the classes, events, retreats or online classes I do, or that I'm involved in, I only collect some or all of the following information:
   •    Your e-mail address
   •    Your medical history as appropriate and relevant
   •    Your address
   •    Your telephone number and an emergency contact telephone number for you.

I use this data to contact you about classes, workshops, events, online yoga classes and retreats and to remind myself of any medical history or injuries as appropriate.  I do not share this information with anyone else unless asked to by you and if so usually in regards only to medical notes or injuries.  I store your email safely on MailChimp, which is encrypted.

This information will be stored for up to 7 years unless you wish otherwise.

Here is a bit about the rights you have.  You have individual rights under the Data Protection Act 2018

  •    To be informed about the personal data I hold on you
  •    To access your personal data
  •    To object to the processing of your personal data
  •    To restrict the processing of your personal data
  •    To rectify your personal data
  •    To erase your personal data    

I will continue to contact you by e-mail unless you let me know otherwise.  If you have any questions regarding your data please do contact me to discuss further either via email or on +64 408681139.

This privacy notice will be on my website if you need to find it again in the future. 

And now for some light relief for those of you who made it to the end of the email.  Here is a picture of my friend's kitten, Gingerbread, who we dressed up in flannels.  He loved it.  We all loved it. You're welcome. 

With love,